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Tony-nominated Broadway star, Susan Egan has received accolades worldwide for both her concert performances and her work as a musical theatre master teacher – now she is combining these forces!  Spend a day (or two) working material in a rehearsal/master-class setting, then culminate with a concert performance blending Susan’s critically-acclaimed solo evening with performances from the students themselves as they join her on stage in duets, trios, small groups and as a whole!

This workshop-to-performance program allows Susan to not only teach technique but to demonstrate it in action – bringing the students along for the ride! They don’t watch, they do – in real time, in front of an audience – with Susan to guide them!

Live theatre is thrilling, and working alongside a master when truly anything can happen gives the students an unparalleled professional experience!  When “On Stage with Susan,” students raise the bar and take the musical journey of their lives!

How it works:

Instructors are in contact with Susan several weeks in advance and will receive materials from which they may choose group numbers, small group songs, duets, trios and more – the evening and material is tailored for each group.  Once music is selected, instructors will prepare their students by teaching the songs.  When Susan arrives, she’ll work the performance of the material, discussing character, vocal technique, lyric analysis and more, as well as put the songs “on their feet,” staging musical numbers quickly and cleanly.  The process also allows for a dedicated Q&A session with Susan wherein students may ask questions about her career or the industry in general.

During her time, Susan creates an atmosphere of nurturing professionalism; she is full of wisdom and warmth, and gets the job done in a way that inspires the students to take that next step in their own artistry.

In Susan’s words:

“I love teaching in a classroom setting, but there is only so far you can go. At some point one has to put lessons to a practical test, and there is no greater ground to do so than on stage.   I truly believe what I teach gains deeper meaning when the students experience that I indeed “walk the walk” and they can, too. And nothing gives me more joy than inviting them to join me, setting the stage, then stepping aside to watch them shine.”


  • “On Stage with Susan’” is a unique program and has proven very press-worthy
  • The program brings attention and notoriety to any theatre department
  • Susan’s visit has been popular with under-writers, making the program a profit-potential fund-raiser for your department!
  • With both Susan and students performing, tickets sell fast!

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Faculty Testimonials:

“It has been an honor and a privilege to watch Susan interact and perform with my students. With the bold determination and skill of a seasoned pro, the sage advice of a mom, and the kindness from a heart of gold, Susan pushed and cajoled good student performers and stage techs into seeming professionals. She brought our school to entirely new level and I couldn’t be prouder!”

Jerry Block
Principal, Santa Susana High School

“Susan is undoubtedly one of the most skilled master performance teachers we’ve ever been privileged to have at TCU She brilliantly taught, encouraged, challenged and inspired them… She has a unique ability to connect immediately with students by speaking to them with energy, courtesy and honesty. She is blunt, but tactful. They innately trust her, and because she creates a safe atmosphere they are willing to take new risks. If she comes to work with your students, you will be very, very glad that she did so.”

Harry B. Parker, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair of the Department of Theatre
Texas Christian University

“Ms. Egan is warm and set a positive tone that let students know that this was serious work but that they could take risks without fear.  She helped the students discover something new about themselves in their performances. That is the mark of a born teacher.”

Susan M. Burns, DMA
Professor, Music Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

“Susan Egan is not only a brilliant performer – she is an extraordinary teacher.  Her diagnostic eye is immaculate and her work with the students is simultaneously kind and tough.  Working on stage with her was the realization of a dream for my students.  Singing, dancing, laughing and crying – she is the consummate pro.  She is the best and inspired the students to scale the heights. Working with Susan was literally life changing.   My students will cherish their moments on stage with her forever.”

Joanne Gordon
Department Chair
School of Theatre, California State University, Long Beach 

Student Testimonials

Rebecca Rose Radvinsky: “She was amazing to work with. She treated us with professionalism and expected the best from us. Her consistent love and support gave me more motivation to give 150%. Our collaboration really enhanced our skills as a group. I would definitely work with her again. I loved every second.”

Sara Gilbert: “Susan Egan demonstrated to us the possibility of not only being a confident and accomplished performer, but an amicable person as well. Working with her was a lesson in both professionalism and graciousness. She was a phenomenal teacher, having the patience and kindness to explain details and answer questions, as well as an excellent role model, leading by example the way to carry oneself behind the scenes of any show. Our short time with her taught us a remarkable amount of valuable lessons about the theatre, and I personally feel as if my training has been furthered simply by sharing the stage with her for a few hours.”

Grant Measures: “Ms. Egan was absolutely phenomenal to work with. Within the two short days we spent with her, she taught us an incredible amount about performance, and theater in general. She was an open book, answering any and all questions we had to ask. I personally learned so much more about how professional theater works from Ms. Egan. She ran our rehearsals in an extremely professional and timely manner. We were able to get a glimpse of the stamina and attention a professional rehearsal process requires. Ms. Egan was kind and gracious, while still holding firm in what she expected from us, to be professional and prepared at all times. I had an enormous amount of fun working with her, and I feel as though I have grown immensely as a performer in the little time we had the pleasure of working with her.”

Janelle Miller: “Working with Susan was such a fantastic opportunity to see even an ounce of what working professionally might be like. Her stories and wisdom were very insightful and I learned a lot from the short time we got to work with her. She was also incredibly charming and easy to work with but didn’t waste time and made sure that we were more than just performance ready at the end of two days. I’m incredibly grateful to have met and worked with such a fantastic person and performer.”

Recent Visits:

  • Canyon Crest High School, California
  • Simi Valley Unified (Santa Susana High School), California
  • South County Performing Arts, California
  • Arcadia High School, California
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Colony Middle School, Alaska
  • Gardener Edgerton High School, Kansas
  • Monrovia School District, California
  • Musical Theatre Conservatory, California State University Monterey
  • Orange County School of the Arts, California
  • Texas Christian University, Texas
  • Whittier College, California


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