Master Classes

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Susan brings her expertise in both performance and teaching to this very individualized training session. Working with as many or as few students as requested, Susan achieves immediate results, improving technique in lyric analysis, singing, character development, and more, while also imparting invaluable knowledge about the industry, surviving rejection, and becoming a self-motivating artist in this ever-changing field. Her class is inspirational and career-altering!

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For more information or to book a master class with Susan, contact Robert Hartmann at [email protected]

Past Visits

Susan has conducted professional and university level master classes in Musical Theatre for dozens of schools including but not limited to:

  • Aules: Escola de Teatre Musical, Barcelona, Spain
  • Cal. State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • California State University, Monterey
  • Circle In the Square Acting Program, NYC
  • College of the Canyons
  • College of the Young Americans
  • Compac Gran Via, Madrid Spain
  • El Camino College
  • Elon University
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Golden West College
  • Long Beach Community College
  • MTC, Notre Dame de Namur University
  • Orange County School of the Arts
  • Pacific Conservatory of the Arts
  • Pepperdine University
  • Teatro Astral, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Texas Christian University
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of Miami
  • University of Southern California
  • Whittier College
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Summer at the Center, Segerstrom Center for the Arts
  • Sarasota Orchestra Arts Outreach

Susan has also conducted master classes for professional, Broadway-level actors in Madrid and Buenos Aires for Broadway in Spain and Broadway in Buenos Aires Series.

In addition to teaching at the collegiate and professional level, Ms. Egan has also conducted countless workshops for school age children from K-12.


Instructor Testimonials:

Susan is undoubtedly one of the most skilled master performance teachers we’ve ever been privileged to have at TCU (and we have had many notable names in the past). Our students were a bit dazzled by … how brilliantly [Susan] taught, encouraged, challenged and inspired them… She has a unique ability to connect immediately with students by speaking to them with energy, courtesy and honesty. She is blunt, but tactful. They innately trust her, and because she creates a safe atmosphere they are willing to take new risks. But it is the content of her teaching, and the insights she provides into the students’ work that are so valuable and important in their development.

Susan is so gracious and forthcoming about her accomplishments and her career, that everyone is drawn to her. I know that if you entrust your students to her, they will benefit from her wisdom, training and sincere desire for their success. I recommend her most highly, with absolutely no reservations. If she comes to work with your students, you will be very, very glad that she did so.

Harry B. Parker, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair of the Department of Theatre
Texas Christian University


Ms. Egan is not only a brilliant performer – she is an extraordinary teacher. Her diagnostic eye is immaculate and her work with the students is simultaneously kind and tough. Working on stage with Susan was the realization of a dream for my students. Singing, dancing, laughing and crying – she is the consummate pro. She is the best and inspired the students to scale the heights. They will cherish their moments with her forever.

Joanne Gordon
Theatre Department Chair
California State University, Long Beach


As a teacher, Susan Egan shares every ounce of her boundless energy and enthusiasm with her students. She communicates in a practical, intelligent style that encourages students to take chances and to explore their talent fully. Her knowledge is strong, and it shows!

Dr. Andrew Parks
Instructor of Voice
California State University, Fullerton


Susan Egan brings so much more than her amazing gifts as a performer to her master classes. She enlightens young performers with lessons in integrity, professionalism, and perspective … and brightens up the experience with warmth and humor.

Jeff Paul
Director, Music and Theatre
Orange County High School of the Arts
California State University, Long Beach


Ms. Egan’s workshop was an invaluable addition to our students training here at PCPA. I was very impressed with how well she was able to communicate to our students, in a warm and unthreatening atmosphere. She gave them many powerful and simple tools to help make their musical auditions more honest, present, and emotionally connected. Our students were given a unique insight into the audition techniques of a successful working actor. I was also impressed with her ability to connect with each student individually and work with them at the stage of development they were currently in. Her directions were clear and concise and her focus on good acting technique was refreshing. I hope she will come and share her gifts as a performer and teacher with our students again and again.

David Studwell
Instructor of Acting
Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts Santa Maria, CA


Students were inspired by her approach to teaching and by the real-world examples that she shared. I was impressed with her ability to communicate clearly and to motivate students to try new ways of performing. Again, the energy that she brought elicited a tremendous enthusiasm amongst the students who performed and even those who observed.

On a personal note, Ms. Egan is warm and open to sharing ideas. She set a positive tone that let students know that this was serious work but that they could take risks without fear. She helped the students discover something new about themselves in their performances. That is the mark of a born teacher.

Susan M. Burns, DMA
Professor, Music Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Student Testimonials:

From students at Cal Poly Pomona

It was amazing to hear [Susan] talk about her experiences. It gave me a lot more confidence realizing that even a Broadway star is just a normal person and still gets nervous.

Susan had great energy and it was amazing to see how she developed a character right before our eyes. I loved the idea of “what’s your point.”

Though I myself did not perform, I really enjoyed the master class and learned a lot about acting and performance techniques.

I found the whole experience to be remarkable and very entertaining. Everything that she said was helpful and clear to understand.

I would like her back for a longer time. I felt like the time was too short!


From students at Elon University

Susan is so well spoken and knows how to give constructive criticism rather than just criticism. I learned so much from watching her work with each student and from watching her perform. She absolutely practices what she preaches.

It was such an honor to have the opportunity to sing for her. Personally, I learned to find all the layers of myself that I can add to my story telling to make the performance well rounded and more interesting. I also appreciated her stories and wisdom about the business. Hearing her talk about her experiences was just what most of us needed to hear. Now we can go into auditions and know that they are not the end of the world and that, even though we will get more “no’s” than “yes’s”, we have to keep on going to these auditions so that we will be at the audition where we will get the “yes”! She is truly one of the most inspirational teachers and performers I have had the honor to meet!

The master class was absolutely eye opening. I would even go as far as to say that it was life changing. I would never have expected the master class to hit home as much as it did. The changes that I saw in each person as they performed and were worked with was mind blowing. I cannot even begin to explain everything that I learned during those few hours.

Watching Susan Egan work with the students was so informative to me, even though I wasn’t performing. She brought new insight to the student’s work that could only be given from an outsider. She was also very lovingly honest, which is sometimes rare in society today. It was so obvious that she cared about giving the students valuable information that would help them in their careers. This is one of my favorite master classes that I have ever observed because I took away just as much as the performers did.


From Musical Theatre students at Texas Christian University

Susan Egan has a way of offering a student in her master class honest and useful feedback. Anyone who has the privilege of working with her will not only improve on the piece they choose to perform , but will also become a smarter performer due to the advice she gives about the industry and what it might have to offer someone on an individual basis.

A STAND OUT among master class teachers, Ms Egan’s takes on songs are uniquely refreshing, and she is overall just a pleasant person to learn from and be around!

Susan Egan is not only a wonderful talent, but a wonderful instructor. She gave constructive critiques when needed, and compliments when deserved. What I appreciated most from Susan was 1) she gave the same amount of attention to each student, and gave the same amount of passion in what felt like a genuine wanting for us to succeed and 2) she didn’t talk about herself but moved straight to the work. Most professionals that give workshops seem the need to tell us why they are worthy of their success, while Susan focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the specific student. It is clear that she cares about her work, but cares more about helping the work of others. She motivates, inspires, and pushes everyone around her to not only be better performers, but better people. Thanks, Susan, for the time you have graciously spent in improving our work, and unintentionally our lives.

Susan was amazingly comfortable to work with and knew just how to bring out the best in each performer. Her eye is sharp in making unique and subtle choices that can make any character pop. Her advice was one of a kind; certainly something I will carry with me.

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